Area 51

The Federal Government tacitly concedes (in various court filings and government directives) that the USAF has an "operating location" near the lake, but does not provide any further information.

Unlike much of the Nellis range, the area surrounding the lake is permanently off-limits both to civilian and normal military air traffic. Radar stations protect the area, and unauthorized personnel are quickly expelled. Even military pilots training in the NAFR risk disciplinary action if they accidentally stray into the exclusionary "box" surrounding Groom's airspace. A montage of available USGS satellite photography showing southern Nevada. The NTS and the surrounding lands are visible; the NAFR and neighboring land has been removed

Perimeter security is provided by uniformed private security guards working for EG&G's security subcontractor Wackenhut.

Alleged Former Employees:
To date only 2 people have come forward with claims to have worked at Area 51, Bob Lazar and Edgar Fouche. Since the Government and military won't even acknowledge the existence of Area 51, let alone who worked there, it is imposible to fully confirm or deny whether or not these individuals are telling the truth. To help people get to the bottom of this mystery I have done meticulous research on both individuals. Please let me know if I missed anything...


Hanger 18

Hanger 18 is the largest hanger in the Area 51 complex. It is 100 feet tall and 300ftx300ft wide. Rumor has it that this hanger is a secret entrance to a large underground facility. It is believed that the most TOP SECRET craft are stored in a large underground vault and moved up inside the hanger from underground by elevator, much like the planes on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier.

Phillip Schneider's Testimony details a "Rock Conflagration Technology" used by the Government/Military, which could drill tunnels 30 feet wide leaving glazed vitrified rock walls. He says we possessed the technology to drill miles worth of tunnel per day back in the 1940's and 50's. His testimony has sparked many theories such as Hollow Earth, Underground Alien Bases, DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases) such as Dulce, NM,etc.,.


According to Phil Schneider, tunnels like this could exist underground all over the country...

I find Phil Schneider's testimony plausible and scientifically interesting (Rock Conflagration Laser), although until I find engineerable science or physical evidence to support it I cannot comment on the authenticity of his story.