Collected Information From My Electric

Collected Information
I spend a lot of time researching and collecting information on a wide range of subjects, much of which is dispersed widely and often of an obscure nature. I've collected those bits of information that I find useful here, in hopes that other people may find it useful as well.

 Arc Discharge Properties / Plasma Physics 1 

A large portion of the projects on this site involve plasmas and arc discharges. This page presents some of the basic features of an arc discharge, some of the basic equations that govern plasmas, and some helpful tips I've picked up along the way. 

  Arc Discharge Properties / Plasma Physics 2

A discussion of some of the more practicle issues related to plasmas and arc discharges, especially regarding the electrical terminal properties and V-I characteristics of arcs, as well as the physical phenomena from which they rise. Load and source line matching for ignition circuits and power supplies are also discussed. 

  Compressible Flow Basics  

Gasses under high pressure or at high velocities behave in ways that seem counter-intuitive to our everyday experience, but can greatly influence how certain flows behave. This page explains some of the basic differences between incompressible flows and compressible flows, and how they differ from how we might otherwise expect them to behave.

  Cv and Flow Calculations  

If you're ever looking to purchase a valve or gas solenoid, you're probably going to come across this funny parameter called cv. As an electrical engineer, no one every explained this to me, so I had to figure it out myself. Here's the important stuff you need to work with this parameter laid out for you so you can find the flow of a fluid through a valve.