Zero Theory

Part 1: A Theory of Everything

The Holy Grail of Theoritcal Physics is the notion of a Grand Unified Theory to unify the four forces in Nature. A theory which can explain all four forces as manifestations of a single force or entity.

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed

The most fundamental of all the Laws of Physics are the laws of conservation. Conservation of Energy, conservation of momentum, for every action there is an Equal and opposite Reaction. It's all relative! When you bounce a ball off of a wall, measure the force exerted by the ball on the wall and it will always be equal and opposite the force that the wall exerted on the ball. What force did you think caused the ball to bounce off the wall and come back? When you push something it pushes you back the exact same ammount.

Force = Mass * Acceleration, so if the masses are different the accelerations will be different according to the equationl. You have to push heavier objects harder to get them to move the same ammount and if a heavy ball hits a light ball the light ball will experience a higher acceleration as a result of the force from the impact and because it has a smaller mass it will be pushed much harder and thus further than the bigger heavier ball. Before Albert Einstein, Mass and Energy were always calculated seperately until the Mass Energy Relationship was found.

What is important to note about this is that the center of mass of any isolated system will not accelerate unless an outside force is applied. Nothing happens unless it is relative to something else, anyone who has studied Einstein's Theory of Relativity knows that. Nothing happens unless the same thing happens in the opposite direction, ANYTIME there is a force it is mirrored back by the object which the force acts upon.


Now theoretically the Universe started from nothing and then there was a Big Bang which somehow created all this energy, the energy condensed into particles protons and electrons which formed hydrogen gas clouds which condensed and formed hydrogen stars. Stars use a process of Nuclear Fusion to produce Helium and massive ammounts of energy which is released as sunlight. Eventually Helium gets fused with Hydrogen to produce Lithium and so on and so forth produced all the other elements. The Fusion process stops at Iron at which point the star collapses and either turns into a white dwarf if it's a small star, while big stars implode and then explode into a giant supernova which blasts all these elements into space where they will eventually gravitate together and form planets or other stars.

But if everything came from nothing, and all these laws of conservation apply to the physical world, then that means that Nothing and Everything must be equal or at least very similar variations of the same thing.

In fact mathematically Zero and Infinity are very similar, and also exact opposites. The Number Line you were taught in school actually connects at infinity.

If you divide by Zero, you get infinity (indeterminate forms) and if you divide by infinity you get zero!

00, 0/0, 1, ∞ − ∞, ∞/∞, 0 × ∞, and ∞0 are what is known as Indeterminate Forms.
Let's being with 0/0, since we are talking about creating a universe from nothing.
since: and
Direct substitution of the number that x approaches into either of these expressions leads to the indeterminate form 0/0, but the limits take many different values. In fact, any desired value A can be obtained for this indeterminate form as follows:

Thus it shows that nothing divided by itself can manifest an entire mathematical universe of possibilities.


The Hollow Mirror Sphere

When you create a mirror of zero dimensions it exists everywhere at the same time all around no matter where you travel in this zero dimensional space. Actually you can't EVEN travel because in zero space there's no where to go because you're blocked on all side by a mirror. So you look into the mirror and inside the mirror you see another mirror, and what does it look like when you see a mirror inside of a mirror? It gives the illusion that space extends for infinity!

Just think about the idea of a hollow mirror sphere which reflects the nothingness inside out into infinity creating the illusion of space. A holographic universe derived entirely from the hollow empty space inside! This is the true nature of the vacuum.

Let's go back to the idea of the two opposing mirrors reflecting the inside out into infinity, and use this concept to replace the modern equals sign "=", in our conventional mathematics. Every single equation in mathematics or physics contains an equals sign, since the word equation itself derives from equate which is the condition of being equal.

When two things are equal, we say that they are balanced. An imbalance is the cause, or result, of a force or action. But, since every action produces an equal and opposite reaction, the forces are still balanced by the system as a whole. So while the entire system as a whole remains completely balanced, the individual systems within the whole are left to interact freely and independently, as long as the system as a whole remains completely balanced on this infinite-zero ambiguity

There is a simple reciprocating function which is based on zero/zero that when repeated infinite times will produce an infinite dimensional fractal which manifests itself through the higher dimensions creating the Universe that we see.